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The parking lift for your company, residence or condominium.

DUOPARK Duplicador de Vagas


Duopark is designed to optimize your space availability by using the same area of a standard parking space.

Operation is simple and safe with up and down buttons and safety key.

In addition, Duopark can be used in either opened or closed spaces and with several models and sizes of vehicles.


Duopark has two adaptable models which can be used in your project adapting to most parking spaces and its limitations, in length, width or height.

  • Duopark Way

    Duopark Modelo Way

    By maintaining the platform horizontally, Way model allows vehicles to pass under the equipment, even if a vehicle is on the platform, facilitating moving and maneuvering vehicles.

  • Duopark Wall

    Duopark Modelo Wall

    On the Wall model the platform is kept inclined, lowering the minimum necessary clearance , making it a functional option in closed projects with lower ceilings.

Strong and Safe

For commercial and residential use, Duopark KREBS combines ease of use, redundant safety options, higher material quality and special care in manufacturing and assembly. Creating an equipment of reliable performance and safe.

  • Protetor Teto


    Prevents vehicles from touching the parking space's ceiling.

  • Travas de Segurança


    Protects vehicles and operators in case of breakdown.

  • Plataformas


    And with non-slip strips which protects the upper vehicle from leaks.

  • 100% galvanizados


    100% Galvanized in KREBS' award winning vertical ovens.


KREBS Parking products are manufactured in Brazil, in KREBSFER Industrial plant in Valinhos, São Paulo. This means employing the entire structure of an established and traditional company, in the market since 1966 and consolidated in various segments.

Only KREBS can assure Specialized Technical Assistance and technicians prepared to solve any problem and perform preventive maintenance.

KREBS Parking offers more than a sale; we offer a whole team to take care of your equipment in after-sales.

With KREBS Parking Systems products you can be restful, because our specialists are ready to provide all the support you will need to ensure the best operation of your products either in your company, parking or residence.

Planta Krebsfer em Valinhos
Pessoal Qualificado


Length 3569mm
Width 2401mm
Free Span 1840mm
Weight 700kg
Energy Consumption 1,5cv · 3kW
Maximum Load 2.000kg
Motor 220v mono/three-phase
Minimum Clearance 2.900mm
Lifting Time 43s

Values calculated in ideal conditions and for only one equipment module. Values such as consumption, motor, lifting time, among others, may vary according to the project's conditions.

Dimensões do Equipamento


In the table below you will find information about the necessary space for use of DUOPARK KREBS with several vehicle models. Values correspond to space occupied by Duopark + vehicle set.

Uso SUV/Compacto
Uso Compacto/Compacto
  SUV/SUV Compacto/SUV Compacto/Compacto
  h1 c1 h2 c2 h3 c3
Wall (mm)* 3.350 5.700 3.000 5.200 2.900 4.650
Way (mm)* 3.650 5.100 3.300 4.800 3.100 4.400

*Illustrative images. Does not correspond to proportions. Data are general and were calculated based in vehicles category average on the date of evaluation and may vary according to specifics models, either for more or less. Consult our designers for more specific informations or for elaboration of a personalized project.